Xplode update 1.3

Due to a change in the SDK, Xplode wasn’t compatible with Cinema4D R14 . So i updated  it a bit. It’s available for R12/R13/R14 (studio) new : – added an inside and outside selection tag. – texture tag that got no selection are removed (they are not applied to the pieces) …

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New website

New website, i put in the front page the tools i’ve created, free, opensource and xplode. I hope you will like it Take a look, register, post comments, follow me on socials networks. Let’s code some tools.


I’ve created a facebook’s page (yeaaaaa welcome to 2013). What an awsome news 🙂 You can follow me there or twitter.


Testing HOT4D. Really quick and dirty test. You can see the repetition on the left top corner, but it’s not really a big deal. More information about the plugin can be found here

HOT4D Alpha

Get the last version   HOT means Houdini Ocean Toolkit. It’s a plugin for Houdini created by Drew Whitehouse based on a Jerry Tessendorf paper. It allow you to create a surface that look like a deep ocean. I’ve decided to almost “copy/paste” the code to allow cinema4D’s users access this …

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Cinema4D R14 Sculpting test

The Cinema4D R14 demo is out since a couple of weeks and i’ve decided to give it a quick look. The tools are fun and easy to use. Nothing compare to Zbrush of course, but that’s not what  we expect. You can add some details really quickly and in a …

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Sculpting a dragon

Another Zbrush sculpting test, this time it’s a dragon. I just wanted to try something else but  human anatomy. Rendered with cinema4D just for fun. It’s not finished but i’ve already learn’t what i wanted.


Py-Resize allow you to apply a resize homothetic. This is open-source, you can change it the way you want. For cinema4D R12/R13 Version 1.0


This plugin allow you to calculate the time passed within a c4d’s document. The Time is stored in the cinema4D’s Document so it is saved at the same time. The plugin allow to add time, reset time to zero, start the timer, stop the timer and Update from the current …

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