Spiderweb 1.2

I’ve updated spiderweb. It’s now a plugin.

Now you can use a raycast option with primitives, no more need to edit them.
You have a handle to control the radius of the sphere witch define the rays length.

The UI is dynamic if you are using the r18. It will only show you the options that are useful.

You can also use null object (by default) or any kind of object (the pivot point will be used) to define anchor points. Just add those object as children of the generator in the correct order. This also allow to move the parent object using the 7 key so you only move the center of the spiderweb without moving the anchor points.

The plugin is available here on aescript.com.

Why aescript.com ? 

There is, on this platform, several tools for after effect and cinema4D. It’s a great platform getting bigger and bigger. There is also this great option “name your own price”. If you want to support the platform (and myself), just set the price you estimate to be fair.  I will use more and more this system in the futur.



New website

New website, i put in the front page the tools i’ve created, free, opensource and xplode.

I hope you will like it

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Let’s code some tools.