Delta Mush

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Current version : 1.12
Cinema4D R20 and 21


Delta Mush : Smoothing Deformations While Preserving Detail
Delta Mush is not just a deformer, It’s a time saver.
Tired of wasting many hours into weight painting on your characters ? Delta Mush can help you to have really good result in only a few mouse clic.
It will help you to have correct and nice deformations.
Comes with English, French, Spanish and German. (documentation only on English and French)
Delta mush is available on Windows and OSX.
It’s available for  those Cinema4D’s packages : Prime, Visualize, Broadcast, Studio, Student, Demo.
(for student see below)

Delta Mush interface is so simple that you will not even need to read the documentation. Simple interface but yet powerful and versatile.

Delta mush is free only for r20+

Download “Free Delta Mush R20”
Version 1.11 Downloaded 2566 times


Download “Free Delta Mush R21”
Version 1.12 Downloaded 2412 times

deltamush_tag deltamush-deformer

Delta Mush exemples.

Older Video




23 reviews for Delta Mush

  1. nasty

    amazing plug-in!!! thank you so much!!!

  2. Mansur

    doesn’t work when the octane is set to cinema 4d, you need to remove the octane for it to work. What to do?

  3. Mike Abbott

    Thank you very much for this.

  4. Ben Traje

    Thanks for sharing! Works well in R20. Have a great day ahead!

  5. Leo Chen

    I am using R20.

    I have tried to install some free plug-ins but some fail.

    Only .xib and pypv work.

    .dylib and … don’t work.

    I just download the demo version and found that it is .dylib.

    • valkaari (verified owner)

      Now delta mush is free to use and only for R20+

  6. Benedict (verified owner)

    Yay! r20 version is here! šŸ˜€

  7. Oliver Lueiza

    Great plugin. Please do a R20 version!

  8. Mike

    Yes, I’d pay for an R20 version too!

  9. Daniel ripley (verified owner)

    Please do the r20 update id be happy to pay a fee as Im having to work in r19 still.

  10. nick (verified owner)

    Nice but make the r20 update!

  11. Ole-Marius Lakselv (verified owner)

    Great plugin! Are there any plans for R20 support?

  12. Joe Mancewicz

    As the principal author of the Delta Mush paper, I’m very happy to see this out there. Keep up the good work.

  13. Joe Mancewicz

    As the principal author of the Delta Mush paper, I’m very happy to see this out there. Best of luck.

  14. heni


  15. Abdel (verified owner)

    I can actually animate my own rigs now with confidence!! This plugin is AWESOME! Thanks Valkaari

  16. Ludovic Rouy (verified owner)

    Another point to mention is that it’s true that its self explanatory no needs of documentation !

  17. Ludovic Rouy (verified owner)

    Works very well and is very usefull to smooth spikes when using mesh deformer.
    Netherless It can slowdown the viewport when using a 3d spacenavigator.
    My workaround is to make a Xpesso node on a null with the ‘visibility’ in editor connected to all DeltamushTags ‘enable’ option. When disabled, navigation is smooth

  18. Sang Ryul (verified owner)

    Amazing. You are GOD. Thank you

  19. Chad (verified owner)

    Amazing plugin…works very well!

  20. Jacob Ferguson (verified owner)

    Bless you Val, this is exactly what I needed. Works beautifully and saved me hours of re painting my weights.

  21. josh (verified owner)

    Amazing Plugin! Absolute must buy.

  22. Clement VAUCELLE (beta tester)

    excellent plugin . Thanks Val

  23. Rodrigo Bitencourt Rodrigues (beta tester)

    Awesome. no more words. Thanks Valkaari!

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