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Easy Light is a bundle of 5 scripts related to the creation of lights and the camera. It’s compatible with all package from prime to studio and should work with version r13 to r16.





areacreateAreaCreate :
select 4 points on your model and create an area light.

ReverseLightAxisReverse Axis :
If the arealight or the object isn’t pointing to the right side, make the Z axis point the other side.

lightcameraLightCamera :
create a light at the position and rotation of your active camera.
crtl/cmd key to create a spot light, shift key to create an area light, alt key to create an infinite light


CamTransfertCamTransfert :
move the light or the object to the position and rotation of your active camera. You can place a plane for reflection in no time.

camToNormSelectionCamToNormSelection :
The active camera will face the selected polygon. After that, use the LightCamera script to create the light.


I’m not sure how to install a plugin or a script


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