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Current version 0.4

hot4DHOT4D allow you to create Ocean that look real.

HOT means Houdini Ocean Toolkit. It’s a plugin for Houdini created by Drew Whitehouse based on a Jerry Tessendorf paper.

It allow you to create a surface that look like a deep ocean.
I’ve decided to almost “copy/paste” the code to allow cinema4D’s users access this tool.

The plug-in is on alpha stage. It mean all functions are not implemented yet or will be removed.

For Cinema4D R20 both OSX and Windows you only need to download this zip file.

Download “HOT4D R20”
Version 0.4 Downloaded 11769 times


for cinema4D R14 and more. (64 bits only)
Windows 7 and OSX.

Download “HOT4D”
Version 0.3 Downloaded 173520 times

Windows users need to unzip the FFTW Libraries to the cinema4D’s directory

Download “FFTW” Downloaded 203466 times

The source code can be found on GitHub 

If you want to support and make a donation.

If you got some issue installing hot4d, watch this tutorial from John Burdock

Amazing Tutorial from Bob Walmsley



54 reviews for hot4D

  1. Aram

    This plugin is awesome and a great time saver. Do you have any plans for an r21 release?

  2. Matt

    Hi! Do you have an R21 update at all?

    many thanks!

  3. Nestor

    Could someone tell me how it is installed on Mac please!!!

  4. Matt

    I’m getting some dodgy phong / hard edges inside of cinema 4D studio R20 with hot4dR20. this happens almost instantly as soon as I add a default plane, width and height of 400 and standard segments of 20. When I do the exact same thing inside of cinema 4D R18 this does not happen and the edging is smooth. what is happening?! Works fine in R18 with the older version but not in R20 for me. What am I doing wrong?

  5. Aaron

    This plugin is great! But it has a bug in R20 version. The Point Selection won’t update. Any chance fix this?

    • valkaari

      Did you checked "do jacobian" ?

  6. Leo

    Hi there, this plugin is cutting edges !

    Crazy thing !! Well done !!!

    Just have a question, I’m trying to follow you tutorial and I’m gone to the Spray part.

    The problem is, my matrix object, which should create objects dynamically based on my fractals, isn’t working. I’m on R20, maybe the matrix object paramters have changed ? would be glad if you know about tthis issue… Open to discuss about it !!

    Have a niceday !

  7. Phil S

    Plugin works like a charm !!! awesome … but how are the foam maps working? … there is nothing installed … or i just did’t find it… could you help me out?

    • valkaari

      I’ve Added a link to a tutorial on how to make / use the foam map.

  8. Thomas

    The Plugin doesnt’t work at R 20 could you make a Install-Video pleas?

    • valkaari

      use the new version and check the maxon help here

  9. robo

    very nice plugin. btw hot4d works with r20 if you place the insydium plugin-bridge files into the hot4d pluginfolder.

    • valkaari

      or now you can use the new R20 version

  10. Jez

    Great plug in. If it could be made available for R20 I’d happily pay for it. (This is worth paying for!)

    • valkaari

      and you did 🙂

  11. Björn

    Could you tell us are you planning to update this plugin for R20? Is it a question of money/donation? Thank you for a brief response.

  12. Jorge António Filipe Ramos

    i want this plugin C4D R20

  13. charlie

    it doesn’t work on r20

  14. Karna Majhi

    so nice plugin ,thanks and hope for other free plugins

  15. Karna Majhi

    Thanks a lot dear .It works better for me in r19

  16. R20 Fields

    I love this plugin bro please im begging update it to r20

  17. Drew Yeaton

    Would also love an R20 update. Alternatively, the community could help keep this up-to-date too. Is there any info on building this plug-in?

  18. Björn

    Would be great to have an update for R20

  19. Cem

    awesome thanks. I did this for the first attempt /c4d r19 w octane render

  20. 崔淼

    heybudy, how do you make the picture 3, this plugin just has 2048 pixel,so how can you make the ocean looks like infinite and not lose the pixel?

  21. PJStyx

    when will hot4d be compatible with c4d r2o

  22. Sicong Tian

    cant show up in r19, followed everystep

  23. Mirko

    Doesn’t work with r20, any chances for update?

    • valkaari


  24. Aymix

    I cant get the foam vertex maps to work! im on r19 and I follow every tutorial TO THE STEP
    and it doesnt work for me, everything else does however.

  25. Guillaume

    Thanks so much for this plugin, it’s an amazing work! For the people who want to loop the waves is the solution: Thanks to Bob Walmsley.

  26. Frank Seager

    Used this plugin before on r19, but won’t show up now for some reason.

  27. m0nkeybear

    Disappeared from my plugins, though seemed to work fine before. I tried reinstalling, but it’s still not in the plugins list. I’m using R17.016. What could be the problem?

  28. Kate An

    Thank you~~

  29. Marji

    Any body know why it’ snot working on High siera OS and cinema 4d 19?

    • valkaari

      It should work. I’m myself using high sierra and R19.

  30. Will

    I can’t seem to get this to work in the lite version. Does it work it Cinema 4D lite?

    • valkaari

      it doesn’t work with the lite version. Sorry.

  31. Mucahit

    Thanks it is great

  32. Tony

    Just fantastic! Thank you so much for your efforts!

  33. NADJIO

    You are great man keep the good work

  34. vritelis

    A wonderful and generous gift from Valkaari. 10 out of ten.Thank you so much. Bob Warmsley on youtube does wonderful tutorials using this plug in

  35. Hendrik

    Thanks Buddy!

  36. jump far above

    thank you

  37. BAKR


  38. HEO

    i love U X)
    it’s god!
    it’s good plugin!

  39. Michael

    Plugin works great on R16. Haven’t tried it in later builds of Cinema, but I’m looking forward to trying it. Thanks for your hard work on it.


    Amazing!!!!! Really helpful, thank you!!!!


    AMAZINNGGGGGG. This helped me a lot!!!!

  42. praveen

    please give 32 bit version too for r14 i really like this plugin please give

  43. praveen

    i like the plugin but i dont have 32 bit please give a 32 bit version too please hope this come soon

  44. Rahi

    Works perfectly on R18, thank you!

  45. Christopher Manzione

    Sorry for the bad review. For some reason I turned OpenGL off then back on and now it is working just great! 🙂

  46. Christopher Manzione

    The plugin is not loading a mesh when I load it in C4D17 on a mac?

  47. Stefano Giacomell

    I’d need some help to install it on version R17…can’t seem to make it work, plugin doesn’t appear in C4D.
    Anyone knows how to fix this?
    Thx for the help!

  48. Chris

    Perfect Plugin. But please please please bring an R18 compatible version!!!

    • valkaari

      it does work on r18

  49. andy

    R18 crashes at startup
    (W7 x64 C4D R18 .028)

    deleting fftw library files helps to start Cinema but looks like plugin dosen’t work
    please update it as soon as possible for R18

    • valkaari

      no problem here.

  50. Lyndsay

    Does it work with 18? I can’t seem to get it to show up.

  51. Ecko

    Hi thanks for your work! btw i have a lil problem! i use c4d r17 on mac and I can see the plugin but, when i use it, i think it doesn’t works in the good way.
    i saw some video where, in a "clean file", if i click on the HOT4D plugin it should creates a default ocean surface, but to me nothing show off.
    when i use it on a surface, or solid, it changes the shape, but really far from a water looking object… i tried to change the settings, but i didn’t find a solution… there is some C4D setting that i have to set properly before to use this plugin?
    it looks really cool and i really would like to make it work!=) thank you again for your work!

    • valkaari

      You have to use a plane well subdivided.

  52. Nam

    this helped my project tremendously! Thanks for sharing!

  53. adam

    Absolutely love this plugin.

  54. John

    I love this plugin! Its just amazing what you can do with it! 5 Stars!

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