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Current version 0.7

hot4DHOT4D allow you to create Ocean that look real.

HOT means Houdini Ocean Toolkit. It’s a plugin for Houdini created by Drew Whitehouse based on a Jerry Tessendorf paper.

It allow you to create a surface that look like a deep ocean.
I’ve decided to almost “copy/paste” the code to allow cinema4D’s users access this tool.

The plug-in is on alpha stage. It mean all functions are not implemented yet or will be removed.




With the new version for R21 you can now loop the animation, and as in R20 you can use fields. It’s using now Vertex Color tag instead of Vertex map.
(the foam will not loop, this will be added to the next version)

90 frames examples

And a new effector to animate directly clones or matrices

For Cinema4D R21 both osx and Windows

Download “HOT4D R21”
Version 0.7 Downloaded 57247 times

For Cinema4D R20 both OSX and Windows you only need to download this zip file.

Download “HOT4D R20”
Version 0.4 Downloaded 42276 times


for cinema4D R14 and up to R19. (64 bits only)
Windows 7 and OSX.

Download “HOT4D”
Version 0.3 Downloaded 217693 times

Windows users need to unzip the FFTW Libraries to the cinema4D’s directory

Download “FFTW” Downloaded 246362 times

The source code can be found on GitHub 

If you want to support and make a donation.

If you got some issue installing hot4d, watch this tutorial from John Burdock

Amazing Tutorial from Bob Walmsley



136 reviews for hot4D

  1. Omar Ali

    The r14 version does not work…

  2. Pia Sun

    is that work for C4D 2023 thank you a lot

  3. Gordon

    Great plugin, if you’ve got it for your version. Has anyone got it working on 2024?

  4. aescalle

    Hello, Great plugin!
    But how to use the new effector option (Purple Icon) ?
    I can’t find any tutorial for this. Thank you i advance.

  5. Faizan

    Issues on JACOB ,
    I am using r21 .
    Vertex map weight not working,
    Please guide

  6. Stuart

    Hi. I’m using the the 2023 version of C4D I want to use HOT4D. Please contacte me by e-mail at stuartrivas @ gmail

  7. Jim Cinquemani

    I have had C4D R18 Visualize on my iMac for 8+ years. I’ve run the C4D program with Mojave for at least that long. I downloaded the Hot4D plugin a year ago and have had great results. Then I upgraded my OS to Catalina. Now, when I launch C4D the plugin won’t load stating that the "Mac OS cannot verify that Hot4D plugin isn’t free of malware." The only 2 options are to cancel or move to trash… Any suggestions?

  8. Faraz Ahmed

    Which one will work on C4D 2023 ?

  9. Alex

    Thanks 🙂 I’m using the R.25.115 version of C4D if someone would like please contacte me by e-mail at

  10. Carl

    This is a simple but great plugin, you should charge for it but keep it up to date, that will be awesome for the cinema 4d community

  11. Soda Dia


  12. Jean

    What is the third video example ?
    It’s seems to be a particle system. Is there a tutorial to get these colored particle with the Hot4D plugin?

  13. C4D_Evangelist

    Check that video linked below, there is a link in the description to working Hot4D R26 (the compilation was already done for you).
    Not my video, not my file, just sharing the info, I checked it and works great on my R26!

  14. Johnny

    Update it already! Please! 🙁

  15. Maurice Murdock

    For those that are trying to get this plug in to work I found the following link. It didn’t work for me but some of you might have more luck.

  16. Irulando

    R23 Pleaseeee, Iam begging to you

  17. Brian

    Pleaseeeeeee give a R23 update. Im dying for it.

  18. Jonathan H

    The below link for r25 did not work for Windows.
    I have compiled a version for r25. See instructions in the drive folder for install.


  19. michaelcorvin

    @mikejones thanks for the Google share link, but it doesn’t seem to work for R25.015 Mac. I’ve placed the unzipped folder inside a "plugins" folder and I added the path to that folder under C4D>Preferences>Plugins. But Hot4D doesn’t appear under Extensions.

  20. mikejones

    R21 version coverted for S24 – R25

  21. Nils

    Experiencing the same issue as Peinador’s comment on 21 July 2021

    I have tried Insydium Bridge (c4d23_bridge) but hot4d does not work on S24.

    The program looks amazing, I would love to get it working if possible.

  22. Paul

    There is a version for S24 that works

  23. peinador

    I have tried Insydium Bridge (c4d23_bridge) but hot4d does not work on S24.

  24. Ygor Mello Betine

    You guys can use Insydium Bridge to make it work on R23 and S24

  25. jeet

    Excellent plugin. works Super fast.

  26. Smith

    Please Support C4D S24.

  27. Nguyễn Vinh Quang

    please up r23

  28. Sussy balls

    This is cool and all now give us R23 version please I’m slowly losing my sanity

  29. king

    Please update for C4D R23!

  30. cristoflex

    Well I’m new to this plug in and a newbie within the C4D world, but it seems to me that the upgrades haven’t been consistent since 2019 and it s such a great plugin. I for one would love to use it free or Not! You should charge at least $20 bucks for it so you could get compensated for the time to program it, if not why bother?

  31. illya

    sorry, do you make thi plugin for c4D R23?

  32. Lieber Max

    Good evening! Dear developers, thank you for the opportunity to use this plugin for free, love it! But after updating Cinema 4D to the R23 version, it is absolutely not compatible and I am deprived of joy to create my waves.
    I understand that I am not the first who writes you about it, but can I find out when I get a compatible version of the plug-in with the latest update Cinema?
    Thank you!

  33. G


  34. Captvart

    r23 update please?


    This is an incredible tool.. But everyone is waiting for R23 update!! Could you gives a clue when it will be available? Thanks a lot.

  36. polywaves

    yo man, we all think this is a great tool for cinema 4d. Can we get an update for r23? I check almost daily…

  37. Jeremy stephenwolf

    Please update to r23

  38. Luc

    Perfect for what I needed it for. Works fine with R22 so far, even though R21 is still the most recent version.

  39. Josh

    R23? I can help, this is too useful

  40. Björn

    Are you working on updating it to R23? Do you need a donation for it? Make a price and we will pay. We realy need it for R23.

  41. Омурали

    Кому нужна версия r12

  42. grand master mike

    yo! wonderful plugin. can this be updated for r23?

  43. Bjorn

    PLEASE make an update for r23 :'(

  44. Rafael

    Please! Any Update for C4D R23?

  45. Aliy

    R23 Pleaseeeeee 🙁

  46. JT

    Please update for C4D R23!

  47. hosny salam

    please we ask for hot4d r23

  48. Chowdude

    Workaround for MacOS Catalina plugin:
    This works for R21.
    When you get the verification error for the .xlib file, while the dialog box is still open
    go to System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> General
    You should be able to allow it to run. Quit C4D.
    Launch C4D and again it you might pop up another verification error. Go to
    go to System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> General
    and repeat. Quit C4D. Now that the .xlib files have permission it should load up fine when you launch C4D.

    Thanks for providing this fantastic plugin for free! Amazing!

  49. Chowdude

    Workaround for MacOS Catalina plugin:
    This works for R21.
    When you get the verification error for the .xlib file, while the dialog box is still open
    go to System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> General
    You should be able to allow it to run. Quit C4D.
    Launch C4D and again it you might pop up another verification error. Go to
    go to System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> General
    and repeat. Quit C4D. Now that the .xlib files have permission it should load up fine when you launch C4D.

    Thanks for providing this fantastic plugin for free!

  50. d

    Please update for r23

  51. Soren camus

    does it work on cinema 4d 22?

  52. Mostyn Rowley

    Can’t install on either R20 or R21? Any ideas? Mac Big Sur user but also won’t run on catalina on the laptop either? Any ideas? pulling my hair out have tried everything!?

  53. Poch

    When using the jacobian vertex color it creates it fine but produce a "flicker" in the vertex color tag and it doesnt seem like foam group settings controls are working for me. Do you know why is this possible?

  54. John T

    Please update for R23

  55. e

    anyone had issues importing into adobe after effects? animation works in cinema 4d but just shows as a plain in after effects (even when rendered final)

  56. carlos

    Sorry, como puedo instalardo en Mac

  57. Jeremy Solterbeck

    Have always loved this plug, but seconding qwalsius. Catalina won’t run Hot4D anymore. I would be willing to pay for this plug, the water solutions for C4D are lacking and this one has been crucial! Thank you

  58. qwalsius

    I love love love this plugin dealing with oceanic scenes often in my new recent work. I’m struggling to find a way to get this to launch in R20 now that I updated to Mac OS Catalina it says it’s not verified and I have to move it to the trash folder to open C4d. Any advice?

  59. Ys

    Thanks for your works!

  60. joscha

    Thank you so much for this.

    I am trying to blend the materials (water with foam) but the vertex map is super pixelish, very uncrips even though i have a looot of polygons. Any tip how to get good results with redshift? Thanks in advance! I use the Vertex Points like suggested, maybe that is the problem

  61. mebarki amar

    5 Stars

  62. MJ

    When will be HOT4D for R22 released? I really want to use this plugin for my project, but it doesn’t work with R22.

  63. Peter

    Whatever I do, I cant get it to show up in my plugins. I used it before with R19, but now with R21 it just doesnt want to appear. Can someone please help me? Mac.

  64. Peter

    Whatever I do, I cant get it to show up in my plugins. I used it before with R19, but now with R21 it just doesnt want to appear. Can someone please help me? Mac.

  65. Mostyn

    Can’t get it to work with R20. Plugin appears in plugins list but only a question mark in the data panel on RHS. can’t seem to get it to work? Any ideas?

    Also, have a version of R21 that i also tried but couldn’t get it to work with that either?

  66. Mike

    Great plugin. I’ve used it for many projects. I figured out how to create foam in R21. The trick is in how you create the Vertex Color Map. Here’s what worked for me,
    1. Select your plane object
    2. Make it editable by clicking "C".
    3. Switch to points mode but DO NOT click on your plane to select any points
    4. With your plane still selected in the objects panel, go to Tools > Paint Tool
    5. Paint a small circle on your plane (it should paint a few points white) This will also create a Vertex Color Map tag on your plane
    6. Double click the Vertex Color Tag and hit Apply All (This will turn all of the points on your plane white)
    7. Click the Vertex Color Map Tag 1 time. and rename it Jacob.
    8. Select Do Jacobian in Hot 4D
    9. Drag the "Jacob" Vertex Color Tag to the Jminus Map field in Hot4D
    10. Repeat these steps for the "Foam" Vertex Color Map. Remember to click off of the "Jacob" map first.

    Good Luck!

  67. Gurt

    Please Help, I followed the instructions to install this plugin but when I go back into c4d R21 I cant see the plugins tab, I am currently on a trial account does this matter?

  68. Robert Dykes

    I am using C4D R21. The color vertex tag replaces the vertex weight tag for the animated vertex mapping in the ocean waves tutorial. To get the same effect, apply the color vertex tag to object, go to point mode and select all the points. Double click the tag and make sure the mode is set to normal with 100% opacity, then click "apply all." Apply the Color Vertex tag into the jminus field in the hot4d deformer and it should play back in black and white. Make sure there is enough geometry on the object to get good feed back. Hopefully that clears up some confusion.

  69. Oliver

    Terrific work! really the best ocean plugin for cinema 4d.

    Just one issue. The jacobian vertex color works fine but produce a "flicker" in the vertex color tag. Do you know why is this possible?


  70. Tim

    I straight up love this problem, however when using Vertex Color Tags, for my Jminus Map, the Jacob_Threshhold slider doesn’t work.

  71. Each

    Always been great but I don’t understand how it works with R21? Been trying this for ages. I know it says to use vertex colour map instead but how? I did what you said in another comment but that wasn’t too helpful, need more explanation then just use vertex colour map? Can you give a more detailed explanation of how this works?

  72. Milisav Velenderic

    Not working in c4d r19, win 10 64bit

  73. Mat

    Great product, I love the flexibility and possibilities this plug in gives you.

    One Question though, with hot4d r21 version 0.7, my foam map is looped in the Viewport, but in my Render the foam isn’t looped anymore? Is there any way to fix this?

  74. Irad

    Awesome plugin! Anyone know how to update a project using an older version of Hot4D so it will be recognized by the r21 version of the plugin? Trying not to lose my settings!

  75. elin

    Thanks for the reply! and thanks for the plugin! if I monetize it ill chuck some change your way 😉

  76. elin

    Love this BUT…., posted this on another page here so sorry to spam, but can someone tell me why "SET VERTEX WEIGHT" tags (for foam and Jacob) are always flat red? Theres no yellow info 🙁

    • valkaari

      answer below, Now you have to use Vertex Color Tag (forgot to add this fact xD)

  77. Benjamin Petzuch

    Great plugin. It works like a charm in R20. There’s only one thing:
    I’m currently using this plugin in my C4D Student’s version R20 where I don’t have any problems. Now I tried the trial of C4D R21 and no matter what I’ve been trying by now, my vertex map is always completely red.

    My steps: Creating plane, increasing the segments, adding hot4D, making the plane editable. Making some adjustments in hot4D. Then selecting plane -> point mode -> set vertex weight -> enter. Adding the created vertex map to the Jminus Map and selecting "Do Jacobian". Returning to frame one and click play: The map remains all red!

    And yes, I’ve added the FFTW Libraries to both versions!

    Anybody else having problems in R21 with creating vertex maps?

    Regards, Benjamin

    • valkaari

      First, with the R20 you don’t need the FFTW anymore (it’s already there) And r21 version is not using it at all.

      R21 is now using the Vertex Color tag instead of Vertex map. This is a bit faster and better.


  78. Hermschen

    Hey, is there way to add ship bow waves?. For example for a battle ship with high speeds?
    Great work btw. You helped me out a lot

  79. paule fiedler

    super plugin

    thanks for your work, really

  80. Matt

    R21 looping! you sir are a legend! thank you kindly!

  81. Winbush

    Awesome thanks for the R21 update!
    Just as a heads up I did a tutoril recently showing how to use Hot4D with X-Particles to emit foam.

  82. James

    R20 – the squares of resolution are clearly visible, phong doesn’t seem to have any effect. Cannot render realistic in Octane or Redshift as I can clearly see squares at most resolutions

  83. Aram

    This plugin is awesome and a great time saver. Do you have any plans for an r21 release?

  84. Matt

    Hi! Do you have an R21 update at all?

    many thanks!

  85. Nestor

    Could someone tell me how it is installed on Mac please!!!

  86. Matt

    I’m getting some dodgy phong / hard edges inside of cinema 4D studio R20 with hot4dR20. this happens almost instantly as soon as I add a default plane, width and height of 400 and standard segments of 20. When I do the exact same thing inside of cinema 4D R18 this does not happen and the edging is smooth. what is happening?! Works fine in R18 with the older version but not in R20 for me. What am I doing wrong?

  87. Aaron

    This plugin is great! But it has a bug in R20 version. The Point Selection won’t update. Any chance fix this?

    • valkaari

      Did you checked "do jacobian" ?

  88. Leo

    Hi there, this plugin is cutting edges !

    Crazy thing !! Well done !!!

    Just have a question, I’m trying to follow you tutorial and I’m gone to the Spray part.

    The problem is, my matrix object, which should create objects dynamically based on my fractals, isn’t working. I’m on R20, maybe the matrix object paramters have changed ? would be glad if you know about tthis issue… Open to discuss about it !!

    Have a niceday !

  89. Phil S

    Plugin works like a charm !!! awesome … but how are the foam maps working? … there is nothing installed … or i just did’t find it… could you help me out?

    • valkaari

      I’ve Added a link to a tutorial on how to make / use the foam map.

  90. Thomas

    The Plugin doesnt’t work at R 20 could you make a Install-Video pleas?

    • valkaari

      use the new version and check the maxon help here

  91. robo

    very nice plugin. btw hot4d works with r20 if you place the insydium plugin-bridge files into the hot4d pluginfolder.

    • valkaari

      or now you can use the new R20 version

  92. Jez

    Great plug in. If it could be made available for R20 I’d happily pay for it. (This is worth paying for!)

    • valkaari

      and you did 🙂

  93. Björn

    Could you tell us are you planning to update this plugin for R20? Is it a question of money/donation? Thank you for a brief response.

  94. Jorge António Filipe Ramos

    i want this plugin C4D R20

  95. charlie

    it doesn’t work on r20

  96. Karna Majhi

    so nice plugin ,thanks and hope for other free plugins

  97. Karna Majhi

    Thanks a lot dear .It works better for me in r19

  98. R20 Fields

    I love this plugin bro please im begging update it to r20

  99. Drew Yeaton

    Would also love an R20 update. Alternatively, the community could help keep this up-to-date too. Is there any info on building this plug-in?

  100. Björn

    Would be great to have an update for R20

  101. Cem

    awesome thanks. I did this for the first attempt /c4d r19 w octane render

  102. 崔淼

    heybudy, how do you make the picture 3, this plugin just has 2048 pixel,so how can you make the ocean looks like infinite and not lose the pixel?

  103. PJStyx

    when will hot4d be compatible with c4d r2o

  104. Sicong Tian

    cant show up in r19, followed everystep

  105. Mirko

    Doesn’t work with r20, any chances for update?

    • valkaari


  106. Aymix

    I cant get the foam vertex maps to work! im on r19 and I follow every tutorial TO THE STEP
    and it doesnt work for me, everything else does however.

  107. Guillaume

    Thanks so much for this plugin, it’s an amazing work! For the people who want to loop the waves is the solution: Thanks to Bob Walmsley.

  108. Frank Seager

    Used this plugin before on r19, but won’t show up now for some reason.

  109. m0nkeybear

    Disappeared from my plugins, though seemed to work fine before. I tried reinstalling, but it’s still not in the plugins list. I’m using R17.016. What could be the problem?

  110. Kate An

    Thank you~~

  111. Marji

    Any body know why it’ snot working on High siera OS and cinema 4d 19?

    • valkaari

      It should work. I’m myself using high sierra and R19.

  112. Will

    I can’t seem to get this to work in the lite version. Does it work it Cinema 4D lite?

    • valkaari

      it doesn’t work with the lite version. Sorry.

  113. Mucahit

    Thanks it is great

  114. Tony

    Just fantastic! Thank you so much for your efforts!

  115. NADJIO

    You are great man keep the good work

  116. vritelis

    A wonderful and generous gift from Valkaari. 10 out of ten.Thank you so much. Bob Warmsley on youtube does wonderful tutorials using this plug in

  117. Hendrik

    Thanks Buddy!

  118. jump far above

    thank you

  119. BAKR


  120. HEO

    i love U X)
    it’s god!
    it’s good plugin!

  121. Michael

    Plugin works great on R16. Haven’t tried it in later builds of Cinema, but I’m looking forward to trying it. Thanks for your hard work on it.

  122. ENRIQUE

    Amazing!!!!! Really helpful, thank you!!!!

  123. ENRIQUE

    AMAZINNGGGGGG. This helped me a lot!!!!

  124. praveen

    please give 32 bit version too for r14 i really like this plugin please give

  125. praveen

    i like the plugin but i dont have 32 bit please give a 32 bit version too please hope this come soon

  126. Rahi

    Works perfectly on R18, thank you!

  127. Christopher Manzione

    Sorry for the bad review. For some reason I turned OpenGL off then back on and now it is working just great! 🙂

  128. Christopher Manzione

    The plugin is not loading a mesh when I load it in C4D17 on a mac?

  129. Stefano Giacomell

    I’d need some help to install it on version R17…can’t seem to make it work, plugin doesn’t appear in C4D.
    Anyone knows how to fix this?
    Thx for the help!

  130. Chris

    Perfect Plugin. But please please please bring an R18 compatible version!!!

    • valkaari

      it does work on r18

  131. andy

    R18 crashes at startup
    (W7 x64 C4D R18 .028)

    deleting fftw library files helps to start Cinema but looks like plugin dosen’t work
    please update it as soon as possible for R18

    • valkaari

      no problem here.

  132. Lyndsay

    Does it work with 18? I can’t seem to get it to show up.

  133. Ecko

    Hi thanks for your work! btw i have a lil problem! i use c4d r17 on mac and I can see the plugin but, when i use it, i think it doesn’t works in the good way.
    i saw some video where, in a "clean file", if i click on the HOT4D plugin it should creates a default ocean surface, but to me nothing show off.
    when i use it on a surface, or solid, it changes the shape, but really far from a water looking object… i tried to change the settings, but i didn’t find a solution… there is some C4D setting that i have to set properly before to use this plugin?
    it looks really cool and i really would like to make it work!=) thank you again for your work!

    • valkaari

      You have to use a plane well subdivided.

  134. Nam

    this helped my project tremendously! Thanks for sharing!

  135. adam

    Absolutely love this plugin.

  136. John

    I love this plugin! Its just amazing what you can do with it! 5 Stars!

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