Uniform Resizer

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Current version 1.5


Precise and faster

R16-R19, R20 and R21

In Cinema 4D you can’t resize objects uniformly to a precise number. (the scale tools is in percentage)

if you want your object to be 300cm (or any unit) in the x direction, you have to calculate the ratio beetween the actual size and the desired size. Then apply that ratio to the other directions.

This tool allow you to enter the desired size in the appropriate direction and, automaticaly, it will calculate and update your objects, splines or selection as needed.

Everything you need


It can be used on : 
   – one or several objects in both model or object mode.
   – one or several splines
   – points, edge, polygon modes
   – uv points or uv polygon modes.

On points, edge, polygon mode you can move your modeling axis, it will resize accordingly 


Select the axis you want to resize


If you want to resize in only two direction at once, desactivate one axis in the UI. And now you can resize on only two direction.

Minimaliste User Interface


You can dock it just above your regular coordinate manager.


Adaptive UI

It change the labels and units when you are in uv mode.

It’s available on aescript.com with the “name your own price” option.

Why aescript.com ? 

There is, on this platform, several tools for after effect and cinema4D. It’s a great platform getting bigger and bigger. There is also this great option “name your own price”. If you want to support the platform (and myself), just set the price you estimate to be fair.  I will use more and more this system in the futur.

10 reviews for Uniform Resizer

  1. Johnny

    R25 please <3

  2. antonio pepe

    please update for r23/34

  3. Vital Skibin

    May I ask you to add compatibility with Cinema 4D R23, please?
    Thanks in advance.

  4. Sebastian

    Please update to R23

  5. ุถุ-ถภะุ


  6. karga


  7. George


    As far as I can see it will be released rather possible then soon :}

    • valkaari

      There will be a new version, i know you are waiting for it. I know it’s a problem. I just need a bit more time.

  8. simohn

    Are you going to fix it for R20?

    • valkaari

      as soon as possible

  9. Mike Abbott

    Excellent – something I’ve been wanting for years!

  10. duongdat3979t

    Super! That’s what i looking for
    Thanks A lot!

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