Spider Web

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Current version : 1.20
Compatible : R15, R16, R17,R18  (hair render is a plus for rendering splines)


I've updated spiderweb. It's now a plugin.

Now you can use a raycast option with primitives, no more need to edit them.
You have a handle to control the radius of the sphere witch define the rays length.

The UI is dynamic if you are using the r18. It will only show you the options that are useful.

You can also use null object (by default) or any kind of object (the pivot point will be used) to define anchor points. Just add those object as children of the generator in the correct order. This also allow to move the parent object using the 7 key so you only move the center of the spiderweb without moving the anchor points.

The plugin is available here on aescript.com.

Why aescript.com ? 

There is, on this platform, several tools for after effect and cinema4D. It's a great platform getting bigger and bigger. There is also this great option “name your own price”. If you want to support the platform (and myself), just set the price you estimate to be fair.  I will use more and more this system in the futur.

Some exemples :

13 reviews for Spider Web

  1. juan

    no rev

  2. nm

    gooood job

  3. W

    sorry, something wrong with R19.068
    I can see the Py Spiderweb Generator in C4D
    ,but the sphere and the plane just disappear,and I can’t see the spiderweb generated.

    can sombody help me ?

  4. Marty Lopez

    Thanks! Great C4D Script..:)

  5. pokerking2088


  6. Frekenbok

    It is written for free, and in the end it turns out that you need to buy it.Well, add it to the paid Addons.And don’t mess with people,shopkeeper.

  7. troc3d

    There is a problem with version 1.2 in R19 :
    1) controls for plane size are missing
    2) in Ray Cast Mode it fails to create connection with polygon meshes (connects to primitives but not to meshes as shown in you second video – with plant ).

    The old version 1 (that came as c4d file with python generator) works fine in R19

    Suggestion :
    1. It would be nice if radial threads could have additional points matching with spiral points (would be useful with CV-Catenary generator)
    2. It would be nice if some catenary bending could be applied to radial and support threads.

    Good job ! Thank you 🙂

  8. daqan27

    ive needed this. Thank you so much. Teamwork makes the dream work

  9. Jab

    Thanks for your effects…They really help making work faster…Thanks for making them available to all 🙂

  10. Mike

    You rock! Thank you very much for this.

  11. Davis

    Thank you a lot! that is a great script!

  12. Deniss

    Thank you so much!!!

  13. Gökhan

    thank you very much for great preset,congratulations.

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