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Current Version : 1.3

Xplode is not available anymore, Cinema4D come with Fracture Voronoi and you should use that module.

xplodeXplode is a plug-in for Cinema4D. Its main function is to break geometry in several pieces.
Based on Voronoi diagram, it use the Thinking Particles module to place the center of the future pieces and to define the cuts that have to be made.
Using it with new mograph dynamics will allow you to reach a new step in your explosion/destruction animations.
Developed to allow thousands of cut in only few seconds, it will allow you to cut any kind of geometry at the speed of light.

Before buying the plugin, you must be sure that you already got Cinema4D R14 studio to R18 studio Thinking Particles Module (mandatory), and Mograph2 (mandatory for some options). interfaceThe plugin is actually on version 1.3. The purchase of the plugin provides you free updates until the next big version (2.0). When you’re on the payment page, if you pay by credit card, you will be asked for an e-mail. On this address, you will receive your serial number and the link to download the plugin. So double check it. If you use your PayPal account, the email address of your account will be used. Have a problem or mistake ? use the Contact page to send us an email.

MAC(intel) and PC 64 Only.


Watch the video below or some other exemples





This video will show you an exemple with a text and the matrix option. You can see more video on the video page
Exemple of the Matrix Function with a text.


17 reviews for Xplode

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