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HOT4D _alpha v0.3

Hot4D is now available in version 0.3. (still R12+ compatible and only 64bits)

If you want to support and make a donation.


The source code can be found on GitHub 

If you have problem with windows be sure to unzip the fftw dlls in the .exe directory.

Update include :

  • A new fields and two slider that will help a lot to create the foam.
  • You can now use the restriction tag on HOT.
  • You will have access to the shader that will allow you to create a vertex displacement map on both world and tangent space. (the tangent space will work only with R14)
  • Cinema4D should not crash if you move hot from object to object with vertex map attached. (but the vertex map will not be updated anymore)

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Xplode update 1.3

Due to a change in the SDK, Xplode wasn’t compatible with Cinema4D R14 . So i updated  it a bit.
It’s available for R12/R13/R14 (studio)
new :

  • – added an inside and outside selection tag.
  • – texture tag that got no selection are removed (they are not applied to the pieces)
  • – rewrite the way particles are added to the mesh, it’s faster and based (almost) on polygon density.
  • – xplode produce more chaotique piece but far less buggy ones. (thoses that pop out the mesh)

You can download the new version here (serial remain the same)

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