HOT4D _alpha v0.3

Hot4D is now available in version 0.3. (still R12+ compatible and only 64bits)

If you want to support and make a donation.


The source code can be found on GitHub 

If you have problem with windows be sure to unzip the fftw dlls in the .exe directory.

Update include :

  • A new fields and two slider that will help a lot to create the foam.
  • You can now use the restriction tag on HOT.
  • You will have access to the shader that will allow you to create a vertex displacement map on both world and tangent space. (the tangent space will work only with R14)
  • Cinema4D should not crash if you move hot from object to object with vertex map attached. (but the vertex map will not be updated anymore)

last version can be found in the product page 


you can download right now.

Download “HOT4D”
Version 0.3 Downloaded 217790 times

For windows user, if it’s the first time you install hot4D you’ll also need those files.

Download “FFTW” Downloaded 246485 times

More information here on how to install hot4D.

A quick test with the new version.

If you got some issue installing hot4d, watch this tutorial from John Burdock

Check also this tutorial from Pixel Lab





  1. Any video about how to install it on S24 and make it work using Insydium Bridge?

  2. Is there a chance that we could get an R23 version? 🙁 This plug-in is amazing.

  3. Any Chance there will be a new build for r23?

  4. Not working on R21!!!
    the vertex map is always Red or Yellow.
    does anyone has a solution?
    i tried both names "Jacob" and "Jminus", plus Foam, and generated carefully 2 different vertex map. ITS NOT WORKING 🙁

  5. How to cinema 4D r21?

    • Hey, mate, I know this was a while ago, but if you’re still struggling to get this, try the download here specifically for r21. Just got it working for me.

  6. Not sure if anyone can help – we I SET VERTEX MAP it simply returns me flat red maps, no data, no yellow vertex info 🙁

    what me do wrong?

  7. If didnt work on R19, dont forget to copy dll files on C4D root folder!!!

    "For windows user, if it’s the first time you install hot4D you’ll also need those files."

  8. Hi, Great plug in, any chance you can add in Redshift shaders, seems like a lot more people will be using Redshift shortly if not already with C4D

  9. Has there been any testing with R20?

  10. is it blender compatible?
    would you write one for blender community pliiiiiizzzzzzzzzzzzz

  11. Just throwing it out there in case it’s of interest to you, valkaari, but Insydium has just released a bridge that enables plugins from previous versions of Cinema 4D to run on R20. They’re encouraging developers to get in touch with them at if they’d like to get their plugin up and running with it.

  12. Doesn’t work on R20.

  13. does not seem to want to load for me. running on r16. installed folder and fftw dlls into correct places. installed 2 different versions both are not showing up in plugins folder. would love some help.

  14. Hello,
    Trying to download the zip.
    I get,
    Failed – Network error.

  15. Thanks for such a great plugin.

    I’m wondering if there is a way to utilize the raw heightmap that Hot4D uses to displace geometry.

    I’m trying to bake out an 8K texture using hot4d but the only progress I’ve made is by using a vertex map shader in a material and baking that out. But it seems like its too low res for my use.

    Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks again!

  16. When Ever i try and download the FFTW file it says 502 Bad Gateway The server returned an invalid or incomplete response. Can someone please help

  17. Everything works perfect.
    Great job!

  18. I have installed this pluggin. But it dont working with C4D R17 0.48… what’s the solution "valkaari"

  19. Hello,

    Thanks so much for making this awesome tool available!

    I have a question I don’t seem to see anyone else on the internet talking about: Do you know why the vertex map seems to "breathe" or "pulse" or "flash" or however one might describe it. It is subtle, but the intensity has quick dips and spikes (globally, not just in certain areas).

    The effect becomes very pronounced when using the Vertex Map as an input for materials.

    Any idea why it does this? Is there any solution to smooth it out?

  20. Thanks for your awesome work.
    I used HOT4D for a personal project, feel free to ask for another type of credit :

  21. I love this plugin but as many of you may know, there’s somehow a magical mystical process involved in expanding this to the horizon even with clever compositing. And then there’s infinite ocean… I’ve already emailed them and mentioned they should be in cahoots with you and your python skills. I have a specific texture around my island that closely relates to it in nature in regards to foam and wave direction and it looks great until I get the camera up high enough to see from a couple hundred feet (to scale) and I see the corners on the ocean. I’ve tried many different tricks and just can’t do this in C4D. If I used houdini directly I think there’s a way to do that in there and then bring into C4D R17 but there must be a simpler way no? I’ve tried duplicating the ocean tile and surrounding the center piece with other squares but that takes millions of years to render…and slows the viewport to a crawl at best (of course) I’m open to ideas. Anyone? I know we have to be able to compete with the oceans made in other apps.

    • hot is a solution to certain type of plan, not all of course. An island, a camera a couple of hundred feet, that’s kind of tricky for sure.

  22. Very nice results!

    What about rendering times !
    Rendering the "Test scene" : 20 minutes per frame in a dual xeon E5 2629 V3 64gb Ram.
    Am I doing something wrong?


    • If you want to render the frame 40, cinema4D must calculate the 39 frames before to know where the geometry is (unless you baked everything). it’s also based on your geometry details level and your shader.

  23. Great work.

    Curious, I download .3, but the ability to use vertex maps has been removed. Couple of the tutorials on the interewebs apparently based on .2, as attempts to open these files, with R16 Mac, crashed. Removing .3 and replacing with .2 solved that problem.

    While a little more complex, the option for vertex maps, and using thinking particles certainly adds some great functionality. I understand, based on your notes, features, etc can be removed or added.
    If you don’t mind sharing, why did you remove the vertex map options?

    Thanks again for offering this plugin.

    • Not sure what you are talking about. I didn’t remove the vertex map option and i’m using a mac myself and i didn’t saw any problem with 0.3 and the R16.

  24. Hi,

    are you still working on the further development of this plugin?
    Or, to put it differently, will it leave the alpha stadium in the foreseeable future?

    Just curious.

    Kind regards,

  25. hey does rebusfarm have support for Hot4d ? Thank you so much for this plug in is great

  26. Hello! How can i scale displacment map? i need a big big ocean with lot of small waves

  27. Hi – thanks for this! BTW, how does the Ocean Shader in Material>Texture menu work?

    • It’s a vector displacement map. So you have to use it in the displacement Channel set on RGB, either Tangent or world space. (and you must specify the same mode on the shader)

  28. Hi, when rendering a scene with Hot4D on RenderNodes using Deadlien as render manager I am getting Hot4D crashes. Is this supported/tested at all at this stage?

  29. salut! I’ve got a problem
    at the end, when I want to render my final image, the object ( buoy ) changes it’s position and loses its materials.
    help, please

  30. I’m having a little trouble. I need to somehow use the trick they used in infinite ocean lib to extend the sea while also using hot4d… Or something similar. It will be a compositing nightmare otherwise. I have an island I will put a separate vertex map around for the foam contacting the island. With infinite ocean I notice there’s no polys available to add the vertex map and the waves aren’t nearly as convincing. A hybrid of these tools is greatly needed. I’m happy to help make it happen as much as I can not being a programmer. I have mastered the realism , render setups etc with normals and displaced water, but I can’t make more than a bathtub worth of ocean.

  31. HOW TO INSTALL D: me error dll

  32. Hi,
    I cannot seem to get the plugin to load in R16. I get the following error:

    Error: OS error loading plugin hot4d.cdl64. Could not load dll. file: (file:///C:/Program Files/MAXON/CINEMA 4D R16/plugins/hot4d/hot4d.cdl64) [win_dll.cpp(225)]
    Cause: Windows System Error #193 [win_dll.cpp(220)]

    It might very well be a windows issue im afraid…. Im on windows 8.

  33. Hi,

    does this plugin work for R16?
    How can I create an ocean with this?
    I have the plugin installed, I can activate it, see the options but there is no ocean. What do I have to do? 🙂

    • It does work with the r16.
      Hot4D is a deformer, you must use it as a child of plane well subdivided. Use the same size in the plane and in the deformer. I’ve added a link to pixellab web site with a pretty cool tutorial.

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