hot4D update Alpha v 0.21


Go to this page for the last version

The source code can be found on GitHub

I’ve updated HOT4D. It’s should now work with version R12 and more without package restriction. (still 64 bits only)

Updated :

  • – hot4d is now a deformer
  • – “Do Jacobian” added.
  • – you can drag and drop a vertex map in a field to create custom shader.
  • – you can drag a point selection and use it to create particles. (with a matrix object for example)
  • – a threshold slider allow you to add more or less point in the selection tag.

The jacobian information is a real value between -1.5 and 1.5 in most of cases. Negative value refer to overlapping geometries.
The threshold slider only allow to clamp from 0 to 1. This mean you can never have none or all points.

The jacobian value is also related to the chop value.

Download the plug-in update (windows and mac users)

For windows users
You don’t have to install the FFTW libraries if you already did.
if it’s the first time you are trying to install HOT4D, please have a look at this post about FFTW installtion.

A small render

A quick example on how vertex map and point selection work.


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  1. How can i interpolate an object (for example a boat hull) with the plane to creat the foam?

  2. Hey I am having an issue with the plugin. Cinema 4d will show the plugin but not display it. I rendered it and gave it color but the simulation will not show up.

    • you should use the version 0.3. It’s now a deformer so you have to use it as a child of the object (often a plane)

      You can find the version 0.3 by using the shop menu and hot4D after that. (it’s in the shop but it’s free)

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