HOT4D _alpha v0.3

Hot4D is now available in version 0.3. (still R12+ compatible and only 64bits)

Update include :

  • A new fields and two slider that will help a lot to create the foam.
  • You can now use the restriction tag on HOT.
  • You will have access to the shader that will allow you to create a vertex displacement map on both world and tangent space. (the tangent space will work only with R14)
  • Cinema4D should not crash if you move hot from object to object with vertex map attached. (but the vertex map will not be updated anymore)

you can download right now.

For windows user, if it’s the first time you install hot4D you’ll also need those files.

More information here on how to install hot4D.

A quick test with the new version.


hot4D update Alpha v 0.21

I’ve updated HOT4D. It’s should now work with version R12 and more without package restriction. (still 64 bits only)

Updated :

  • - hot4d is now a deformer
  • - “Do Jacobian” added.
  • - you can drag and drop a vertex map in a field to create custom shader.
  • - you can drag a point selection and use it to create particles. (with a matrix object for example)
  • - a threshold slider allow you to add more or less point in the selection tag.

The jacobian information is a real value between -1.5 and 1.5 in most of cases. Negative value refer to overlapping geometries.
The threshold slider only allow to clamp from 0 to 1. This mean you can never have none or all points.

The jacobian value is also related to the chop value.

Download the plug-in update (windows and mac users)

For windows users
You don’t have to install the FFTW libraries if you already did.
if it’s the first time you are trying to install HOT4D, please have a look at this post about FFTW installtion.

A small render

A quick example on how vertex map and point selection work.


Give me coffee, Coca-Cola, Pepsi ….


Testing HOT4D. Really quick and dirty test.

You can see the repetition on the left top corner, but it’s not really a big deal.

More information about the plugin can be found here

HOT4D Alpha

HOT means Houdini Ocean Toolkit. It’s a plugin for Houdini created by Drew Whitehouse based on a Jerry Tessendorf paper. It allow you to create a surface that look like a deep ocean.

I’ve decided to almost “copy/paste” the code to allow cinema4D’s users access this tool.

The plug-in is on alpha stage. It mean all functions are not implemented yet or will be removed.
Only compatible with cinema4D R14 only for now.
Windows 7 and OSX.

Windows users need to unzip the FFTW Libraries to the cinema4D’s directory as below

Download FFTW Librairies

Windows and OSX users have to download the plugin and unzip it on the cinema4D’s plugins directory.
HOT4D Download

The plug-in is free, but if you want to, you can send me some money.